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Buy from a massive range of discount mailing bags now, including economy mailers, heavy duty mailers and secure mailing bags.

Mailing bags are a convenient and cost-effective alternative to regular paper envelopes and parcels for sending items in the post. Made from strong, lightweight and waterproof polythene, the contents of a mailing bag will be protected from the elements, whilst the bag itself won't rip or tear. Mailing bags at discount prices provide some of the best value you will find in office stationery and supplies, whilst a range of smart, glossy mailorder bags, coloured mailing bags and printed mailing bags means you can make a great first impression with customers.

Mailing bags are…

  • Convenient for sending items in the post that require additional protection or are needed to carry a brand.
  • Great at keeping package contents safe and dry during traditional mail or courier post.
  • Also known as mailers, poly-mailers, plastic envelopes or mailorder bags
  • Made from polythene to provide a perfect waterproof coating for your mail - much better than soggy envelopes!
  • Very light which means that postage costs stay low
  • Strong which means your envelope won’t tear or rip before it reaches its destination
  • Similar in appearance to a regular envelope - rectangular and flat - and open in the same way, at one end to allow you to place your package contents inside
  • Simple to use, with an adhesive strip running alongside the opening of the bag. Just fill the bag with your postage contents, rip off the covering tape, fold down the flap and your mailing bag is ready to post. Easy peasy!
  • A great way to advertise your business. Get your company logo, design or slogan printed on the outside of the mailing bag and impress your customers as their mail lands on their doormat

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Magazines distributed from publishers are in most cases delivered in plastic mailing bags.

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Polybags,779 recycled mail bags products are offered for sale by suppliers on Polybags, of which mailing bags records for 36%, plastic bags records for 16%, and packaging bags records for 7%. A wide assortment of recycled mail bags options are on offer to you, like poly, poly bubble, and kraft bubble.

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Mailing bag types

A mailing bag is a polythene envelope used to send contents in the post, but the name covers a whole range of different products. Here are just a few of them:

Lightweight economy mailers - the original and (according to many) best mailing bag. A traditional polythene mailer with no bells or whistles - just a strong, waterproof and lightweight envelope that is very reasonably priced and perfect for you to send items to your clients or customers without breaking the bank.

Glossy blue mail order bags - the mailing bag that speaks business, these metallic blue mailers are guaranteed to give your company the edge and impress your customers. Popular with online traders and mail order companies alike, these mailers are strong and professional in appearance without costing the earth.

Extra tough mailing bags - for those occasions where you want a little bit of extra protection to the contents of your post, these heavy duty mailing bags are perfect for withstanding bumps, scrapes and bangs in transit. Don’t mess with the heavy mob - these mailers are strong, tough and ready to rumble!

Vibrant colourful mailing bags - when you want your mail to stand out from the crowd, what do you do? You send it in a radiant, eye-catching coloured mailer! Guaranteed to bring any package to life, these polythene mailers come in a range of vivid colours - including baby pink, eco green and vibrant purple - to brighten up your customers’ day!

High security mailing bags - if your mail requires an extra level of security then a range of high security mailers are available to give you added peace of mind. Extra thick opaque mailers - available in black or white - provide top secret content confidentiality, while tamper-evident mailers that show if someone has been interfering with your delivery.

Print your very own personalised mailing bags

Take your business to the next level with printed mailing bags personalised with your company logo or design.

This is an ideal way to promote your business as your mail is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd and you are reaching the consumer directly in their own home or office.

There are many ways that you can personalise your mailers - a simple logo, distinctive colour scheme or typeface, company catchphrase or advertising slogan, to name but a few - and ensure that your delivery doesn’t get lost in a pile of post, but really stands out from the crowd!

A firm favourite with retailers in the UK and all over the world, printed mailers have proved to strengthen brand identity and increase customer awareness, so make sure you take advantage of a simple way to give your business a boost.

How to use a mailing bag - 12 easy steps

  1. Consider the contents that you want to post and what kind of mailing bag they require (e.g. standard economy, high security, heavy duty or bubble-lined)
  2. Once you have chosen your type of mailing bag, consider what size mailing bag you need
  3. Look at the contents that you want to post and calculate (or estimate) their size: height, width and breadth
  4. Choose the size of mailing bag that is slightly bigger than the contents of your post
  5. Write the address on the outside of your chosen mailer (this is easier when the bag is flat than full!)
  6. Place your mailing bag on the table and the contents of your post alongside it
  7. Ensure the contents are aligned in the same direction as the mailer
  8. Open the mailing bag, taking care not to peel the label off the adhesive strip (yet!)
  9. Carefully place the contents in the bag, ensuring not to snag the side of the bag as you place them in
  10. Peel off the adhesive label
  11. Fold the flap over and seal the bag shut
  12. You’re done - ready to go to the post office or franking room to send your mail out on its merry way

Where to buy mailing bags

Mailing bag manufacturers and suppliers include:

Polythene Mailers
Polythene Mailers are specialists in polythene mailing bags, stocking a huge collection of waterproof mailers in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes and plain or printed with your own design. With free delivery to any UK address, this is the place to go for polythene mailers!

Mailing Bags
The UK's online home of mailing bags caters for all of your mailer needs. Check out their huge catalogue of mailing bags in every style from economy mailers to glossy blue mailorder bags. Also features a fantastic size guide so you know exactly what size mailing bag to buy.

Mail Order Bags
The home of mail order bags - the lightweight, waterproof and tough plastic envelopes that provide the perfect way to send your mail. Select from a huge range from heavy duty postal bags to light jiffy bags.

Plastic Mailing Bags
Mailing Bags is a fantastic website selling a huge range of polythene mailers at very competitive prices. Order online from a range of clear and coloured mailers, with free delivery to any UK address.

Mailing Bag
Another great mailing bag website, which sells a huge range of bags and provides a comprehensive rundown of why mailing bags are the postal bag of choice for online retailers.

Buy Mailing Bags
Packed full of information on mailing bags - including a detailed description of each mailing bag type - along with a comprehensive list of where you can buy them, this is a serious mailing bag website.

Plastic Envelopes
Discount Plastic Envelopes is a great source of information on mailing bags and plastic envelopes. Whatever type of mailing bag you need you can find out about it here, along with information on ISO envelope standards.

Polythene Mailing Bags
Find out all about polythene mailing bags at this fantastic website, which tells you all about mailers and why you should use them. Also features a section on eco-friendly mailing bags for those people who want to keep an eye on the environment.

Courier Bags
This website is the place to go to find out all about postal sacks, courier bags and polythene mailers. Featuring a great in-depth list of each type of polythene mailer to help you choose the right courier sack for you.

Bubble Mailers
Bubble mailers is home of bubble mailing bags. Featuring all you need to know on the lightweight, bubble-lined mailers used to protect delicate items, along with eco-friendly alternatives. Check it out today.

Mailing Envelopes
If you're trying to decide what sort of mailing envelope you need to meet your mailing needs, then Mailing Envelopes is the website for you. A great place to find out the right size of bag along with details on a range of mailing bags.

Poly Mailers
A great website to buy and find out more about polythene mailing bags. Listing details of a range of poly mailers available, helping you choose the perfect bag for you before you buy.

Cheap Mailing Bags
A treasure-trove of information for anyone looking to buy mailing bags. Containing all the information you need to know on any type of mailing bag and how to get the best discount prices, you need go no further than Discount Mailing Bags.

Plastic Mailing Envelopes
Visit this website to find out more about mailing bags and where to buy them. Featuring loads of information on polythene and eco-friendly mailing bags and a range of other polythene packaging.

Plastic Mailing Bag
A great website for any organisation who posts out a range of stock and wants to do so in a professional manner. Mailing Bags Direct lists common applications for mailing bags, so that you pick the right bag for your company.

Mail Order Bag
A great website if you're looking to buy, or simply find out more information about, mail order bags. With details of a range of mailers, from blue opaque mail order bags to high impact silver mailers, this site is mailorder bag heaven!

What the internet says about mailing bags

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Just try a company supplies shirts and possibly even blouses you will need the proper associated with products to do things out into the clients each era you receive a purchase order. One method of wrapping t-shirts and blouses is in reality transparent plastic bags that are simply put into polythene suppliers mailing bags for secure delivery. Bags can be seen in a assortment of sizes and colours; if you for you to jazz up the specific package shipping you might want to think utilising brilliantly coloured mail bags.

Depending on the number of copies to be despatched, the work could be finished in half a day, sometimes longer. About nine or 10 of these big mailing bags then had to be transported, normally in two cars, to the main packaging manufacturers in George Town, half-an-hour's drive away.

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